Fact Check: Common Misconceptions About Water Sex

You probably heard about many exciting water sex facts, but we are here to tell you that not all of them are true. Let’s start from the beginning and talk about the most common misconceptions when it comes to kinky aquatic adventures. 

Water Cleans Your Intimate Areas

When someone is looking to clean themselves, they take a bath. After that, they are ready to go on in the world all clean and nice-smelling. So, the same thing applies to sex in the water, right? No. Having sex in water does not clean anything. In fact, it can be a lot more problematic than people believe. 


For starters, the type of water can make a world of difference. Having sex in a pool or hot tub is not the same as having sex in a bathtub. Shower sex is probably the safest option, but it is still far from ideal. 


When it comes to pools and other public bodies of water, they tend to be full of chemicals, and you don’t want them anywhere near your private parts. People often forget about chlorine, and it can irritate your genitals (at best). At the same time, oceans don’t have chlorinated water, but they are filled with salt and sand. And those are two things you don’t want anywhere near your vagina. 


Not only that you won’t clean your private parts, but you can cause a lot of health problems during the sexy time. Furthermore, sexually transmitted infections are still an issue even if you are exploring underwater sex, along with all other problems of “land sex.”

Water Serves as a Lubricant

You can find water-based lubricants, and they are rather popular. Does this mean that you will have a nice time? Will water act as a natural lubricant? No. While water-based lubes are great, they aren’t pure water. Does that mean that having sex in water will be the same? Again, no. In fact, there is a high chance that water will work against you. 


When you have sex in the bedroom, there won’t be any problems even if you don’t use lubricants. And that’s because vaginas self-lubricate. Having sex in water will make the natural lubrication get washed away, making it far from enjoyable. 


The same thing applies to condoms. Now, as long as there are no chemicals in the water, using a condom should be perfectly fine. But if it is not safe for condoms, the last thing you need is to go in that water. While it might seem counterintuitive, using water as lube will increase friction, and there is a high chance it will irritate your private parts. Finally, having sex in pools usually means a lot of chlorine, which will only dry out your skin even further. 

Water Can Wash Away Semen

Can water at least wash away semen, you might ask? Well, that depends on what you had in mind. Wash away from where? If a man ejaculates on a rock, the water will wash it away if it’s close enough to it. But there is no way that water can wash away semen if a guy gets carried away during sex. 


Many people believe that having sex in water is safe and that there is no way that someone can get pregnant if they did it in the pool or bathtub. And the truth is that nothing will prevent it from happening. Sperm cannot live in water, that’s true. But water won’t be able to enter the vagina and wash it away. 


That also means that one can’t get pregnant if they just swim in a public pool. But if sperm gets inside the vagina, the chances of pregnancy are identical as if the couple had sex in the bedroom. 

Water Sex Is Much Comfortable

Water sex is not comfortable. It requires a lot of acrobatics, strange poses, and the couple will need to worry about staying alive if they go too deep. If we are talking about private pools, the situation is still not as impressive. There is a constant need to find a comfortable position, which will be impossible nearly in every single scenario. 


It simply requires a lot more effort. Usually, people have sex in water just so they can say that they did it in the pool, ocean, or anything else. The worst thing about it is that water will work against you. It will be another obstacle that will binder your movement, and you will struggle every second of it. 

Even the shower sex can be too complicated. You will constantly need to worry about staying on your feet and not slipping in the tub, and at the same time trying not to hit yourself or your partner. And the bathtub (or shower) sink can hurt like hell if you hit the right spot. People get the idea that this entire experience will be romantic thanks to movies (and porn), and it won’t take them too long to understand that it is not worth it. 

Water Sex Is Generally Safe

Water sex is many things. But safe is not one of them. There are so many things that can go wrong regardless of the water you choose. Public places can be dirty or unhygienic. Oceans and lakes are filled with god knows what, and there are numerous creatures that love swimming around and doing their creature stuff. 


Of course, there is a high chance that you don’t live in an area filled with sharks, so you won’t need to worry about that (hopefully). But this doesn’t mean that nothing will go wrong. If all of this still didn’t deter you from trying it out, at least try to be careful. Understand the importance of pool sex facts, and try not to put yourself and your partner in harm’s way. 


The only way to have fun with your partner is if you take the necessary precautions. Be sure that you practice safe sex, whether that means birth control, condoms, or something else. Finally, avoid areas that are dirty, filled with chemicals, or in any way unsafe for your body. If you follow the rules and be careful, you might even enjoy the adventure.