Why abstaining from masturbation may not be a good idea

Is it smart to abstain from masturbation? Contrary to what many believe, abstinence from jerking off will not give you the strength of an athlete or help you grow big muscles to conquer the world and be a beast in bed. Check out why abstaining from masturbation may not be a good idea!


Have you heard about no nut november?

No Nut November is a no-masturbation challenge that went viral in the 2010s. Its purpose is to encourage men to stop engaging in masturbation and sexual activity for a whole month. Also, it attempts to raise awareness of compulsive sexual behavior and pornography addiction.

Generally, proponents of No Nut November argue that sexual abstinence from solo sex provides you with numerous health benefits. Another anti-masturbation group like the NoFap Movement also claims that a long-term masturbation break can increase your mental activity, improve your mood, and make you look better. However, many believe that all of those movements are actually founded on vague or unproven scientific research.

What will happen if I take a break from masturbation?

Most anti-masturbation groups claim that “fapstinence” increases testosterone levels and improves sexual health. However, much of this is based on anecdotal evidence.

For example, the NoFap community originated on Reddit, where people used older scientific studies as supposed evidence. Some of the studies that used to support this cause claim that semen retention boosts testosterone levels. While this is certainly true, there is no other concrete evidence.

What research does prove is that masturbation is a crucial part of sexual and personal development. Several studies have found that banging yourself directly improves self-image. What’s more, masturbation is proven to elevate your mood and provide tension relief.

Meanwhile, the claim that abstinence boosts testosterone is unfounded because other activities like exercise also increase T levels. So far, the only proof we have is that abstinence can help improve sperm count.

Therefore, most scientific studies contradict the supposed benefits of “fapstinence.” Others state that even though there is a lack of research on abstinence, refraining from masturbation is an effective way to escape some of the dangers of pornography. While studies have shown that pornography actually has a lot of benefits, consuming too much of it can cause negative side effects. So do you really need to stop beating your monkey for a whole month in order to feel better?

You and your dong deserve it

Most masturbation studies clearly show that science encourages you to jerk off! The evidence even states that abstinence has a lot of downsides.

For example, even if it raises your sperm count, frequent ejaculation creates high-quality sperm. It promotes healthy semen at a normal volume.

Plus, solo sex can help you understand your desires better. It can help men and women learn their bodies and find what makes them feel best. What’s more, solo sex can also help you improve your relationship with a partner. It can enhance communication and lead to a more active sex life.

Here’s another mind-blowing contradiction — masturbation actually helps you handle abstinence much easier! If you frequently masturbate, you will have better control over your genitalia. It can help you cope with abstinence from sex until you become the “master of your domain.” That means it puts you in control of your jizz and even saves you from accidental pregnancies. Some sex therapists believe that masturbation can help cure premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Regular masturbation has grown old and boring

So what’s our advice? Well, the best thing you can do is ignore all those anti-masturbation challenges and put your hands to work. If you’ve grown bored of dating good old Rosie Palm, you could try some sex toys that could take your experience to the next level. One of the best ways to raise your middle finger to No Nut November is to order a pocket pussy and fuck it like there’s no tomorrow!

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Can you masturbate too much?

Before you order a pocket pussy, we have to mention that masturbation does have some dangers. If you’re constantly choking the chicken and watching tons of obscene porn, it will certainly affect your daily life.

For example, studies show that too much masturbation can isolate you from the real world. It can affect your relationship with your partner. While too much of it doesn’t have any serious negative effects on the body, it can greatly affect your psychological state. It can make you miss out on work and avoid social activities. Moreover, it can make you feel guilty or shameful. Too much fapping can also decrease your sexual responsiveness, especially if you develop a porn addiction. This combination could harm your real-life sexual relationships as well as your expectations.

Luckily, you can easily dodge the dangers of too much masturbation. While there is no rule to limit you on how much you should masturbate, try to do it in moderation. Make sure to schedule a romantic night out or a fun water adventure with your partner once in a while.

Happy fapping!

 Now that we’ve dispelled the biggest myths of abstinence and masturbation, you can proceed knowing that jerking off is good for you. So order a pocket pussy today at the best and authentic online shop for sex toys, and have fun!