Male Chastity Guide

Male chastity is a concept where a man is denial of orgasm. It’s a significant part of BDSM (Bondage Dominatrix Slave Master) ritual where a woman prevents a man from attaining orgasm or performing masturbation. If it’s a homosexual couple, the submissive man gets into chastity zone by the dominating half. Do you too wish to experience male chastity? If you are bored of plain regular sex life, the chastity routine may bring some variation in your sex sessions. However, male chastity is a delicate and sensitive process and you have to know a thing or two about it before proceeding with it.

The post below offers an expert guide on male chastity.

Chastity device

The chastity device isn’t a scam, but is an integral part of male chastity lifestyle. It’s a cage like small device with several rings that keep your penis locked so that you can’t cum at your will. The key of the device stays with the dominatrix partner and only s/he will decide when to open the device. It’s to note here that the subordinate male should never be allowed to possess the key. In other words, when a man agrees to adopt chastity, he cannot open the chastity device padlock as per his wishes.

Tips to choose chastity device

Now, this is an extremely part of your chastity lifestyle. If you are not comfortable with your chastity device, you cannot enjoy the chaste lifestyle to its fullest. Worse, an uncomfortable device may subject you to extreme pain.

Focus on the comfort part

It’s to note here a lot of men tend to go for tightest and smallest fitting cage to ensure there is no escape. But that’s not exactly the right thing to do. If the cage sits too tight on your penis, you will get hurt badly. In regards to the control part, the key of the device will be with your partner. So, anyhow, s/he will be in actual control and you cannot ever have control on the device or your orgasm. According to experts, your main focus while choosing a chastity device is the “comfort” quotient. The device should  not be too loose or too tight on your penis. Make sure the device fits snugly on your penis.

Measure for main ring

The main ring of your chastity device is certainly a crucial part of your chastity device. You can use the tape measurement around the genital area, but that may not give you a precise measurement always. The best tip here would be to get a set of rings from an adult toy shop. It’s advised to buy rings in the range of 2” (diameter) to 1/4th”. Go for solid materials such as plastic or metal as stretchy ones can’t offer accurate measurement. Experts suggest taking to rounded smooth rings which will be easier to wear around your delicate penis. Start with the 2” ring first and see how it fits. This way, you will try out the fitment quotient with all sizes till you reach your perfect size. After you get the perfect one, wear the ring for 2-3 days. If there is no irritation, you know you have found your perfect ring size.

There are plenty of adult toy shops from where you can buy your chastity device. Just remember to go for a reputed one backed by scores of happy users for a safe experience.

Placement, testing & getting accustomed

It will take a while for both the partners to get accustomed with male chastity lifestyle.

First, we will discuss the placement of the device. If you have decided to embrace the chaste lifestyle, you will request your partner to place the device on your body. It’s the dominating partner who will lock it and the moment the lock makes the click- you will know you are into your “chaste period”. Put simply, when you are in your chaste stance, you have to be in complete control of your partner.

Now, we will discuss the testing part. First, the chaste man will have to keep the device on his penis for one day. Check for any level of pain or irritation. It’s natural to feel little discomfort initially but if the feeling persists, you may have to change the device. But if everything is alright, you can keep the device locked on your body for couple of more days. By Day 3, you will have a fair idea on whether or not you are comfortable with the cage on your penis. But most importantly, by the third day, you will gather a clear notion on whether or not you will be comfortable with the chastity concept.

If you are okay with the whole concept of staying caged and under the control of your partner, you can try on the chastity lifestyle for longer term. After you are used with chastity, you’ll see why chastity makes your partner scream when you finally take it off and have sex.

Be careful of the hygiene

This is an important part of male chastity lifestyle. Since now you will have your penis caged, you will have to take extra caution about the cleanliness part as things are not going to be like before. According to experts, you must make sure to clean up the penis everyday. Don’t worry, you won’t have to open up the lock and cage to clean it. Just make sure to get a device with a snug fit. This way, you can easily clean yourself with little soap & splashes without opening the whole thing.

Besides, you must also take time to dry up the entire area before you get into your underwear. You can use hair dryer in mild temperature if you are in a rush. The bottom-line is you cannot keep the area humid.

It’s to note here that the device should be unlocked at least once in 7 days. The device has to be cleaned as well. To make the most of the chastity lifestyle, the chaste man can ask his partner to tie up his hands while unlocking the device and cleaning it. The dominatrix partner will have to unlock it and clean it while the submissive will stay tied throughout the process.