Perfect Water Activities For Couples

Getting out in nature to spend some time next to the water can be extremely cathartic and some studies have even linked it to reducing incidents of depression, we simply enjoy being out in nature.

We also like spending time with our significant others, so it’s only natural that you can combine them. Good thing plus good thing equals even better thing. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out where you’re going to go and what you’re going to get up to. The water is a serene place, teeming with life and opportunities to see some beautiful things you don’t get to witness in the city. Those couples who can truly appreciate nature together for what it has to offer often find themselves addicted to it, here’s how they do it:


For this option couples can get their own kayaks or travel in a double for a little bit more of a team effort kind of feeling. They’re relatively inexpensive, easy to transport, and don’t have much of a learning curve. Just plop it down into the body of water of your choosing and get to explore. Some places are only accessible by the water, as hard as it may be to believe there are still excessive amounts of places where no human footprint has been left. An adventurous spirit and a paddle are all that’s required for a couple to really enjoy their time out on the lake.

Fly Fishing

The sport of fishing is another way two people can commune with nature. Fishing involves patience and savvy to reel in the big ones, for couples who have different levels of interest – it’s perfect. One partner can fish whilst the other can sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery and enjoy a relaxing picnic. Hopefully there will be some delicious salmon or trout to enjoy at the end of the outing!

Fly fishing is a bit more involved than regular fishing, but has some extra bits to it particularly appealing for couples. Customizing your fly fishing flies together and working on your fishing technique is a bonding experience like no other, especially if one partner is teaching the other. And after a day of casting lines and reeling in catches, unwinding with a pocket pussy can provide a unique way to relax and connect intimately with your partner, adding a surprising twist to your outdoor adventures. Don’t underestimate how good of a time you can have with a fly rod in your hand and a playful accessory in your pocket.


A beach without water is hardly a beach now, is it? Take advantage of all of that natural H2O and go for a nice dip together, it’s a great way to enjoy a summer day and get some aerobic exercise in while you’re at it. If you have a pristine beach to yourselves and are up to it, skinny dipping is never out of the question.

Water based fun can make for a much more interesting date night than sitting at home going through your TV show backlog together. Being out in nature has been proven to increase feelings of well-being, and who better to share that with your dearly beloved? Make sure to pack safely, it’s always a good idea to tell someone else where you’re going in case you don’t come home on time. Stay safe and have fun you lovebirds!