Things to Consider When Buying Anal Toys For Someone Else

Are you planning to buy anal toys for someone else? It could be for your partner only. Otherwise, it could be for your bestie who has sought for your guidance to explore backdoor fun for the first time. That’s great and there is a versatile range of anal toys for every budget and taste. But not all anal toys out there would be suitable for a user. There are several considerations to be made while you go out to shop for anal toys. And since, you are buying it for someone else this time, you need to be extra cautious. But, worry not, the post below shares some tips that will help you to make the right choice.

Which one to buy?

As mentioned previously, there is a diverse range of anal toys to choose from. You need to make sure which one the other person would prefer the most. In that case, you can make him or her study about the diverse anal toys. Once they understand their build, size and application, they will be able to suggest you better.

Types of different anal toys

  • Anal vibrator

These vibrators are toys that are especially designed for anal stimulation. You can’t generally use the regular vaginal vibe for anal vibration as it can get lost inside your rectum. The anal vibrators specifically come with flared end to prevent the toy from getting lost inside your backdoor.

  • Anal beads

These toys feature a string of beads that are held together into one string. These beads are usually made of silicone or ABS plastic while the string is generally built of nylon or silicone. These beads ascend from the smallest size at insertion point to slightly bigger ones as one reaches to the other end. If you plan to buy anal beads, look for a one with an easy-grip loop. Some of these toys also come with a convenient T-shaped end which allows easy removal of the toy.

For further stimulation, some anal beads even carry a vibrating bullet. If you friend wants both anal beads and vibrator, there is no need to buy a vibrator separately. Just give her a good anal bead with in-built vibrator.

  • Butt plugs

Butt plugs are a nifty anal toy. They come in a “T”-like structure with a cone-shaped head. This cone head goes inside the body while the T-end keeps the plug in place. You will find them in varying sizes to try out as per your experience level. Some of the butt plugs even carry an in-house vibrator for a strong stimulating buzz at the backdoor. Butt plugs are excellent for both couple and solo plays.

  • Anal dildo

These are dildos that are especially designed for backdoor fun. You can’t use regular vaginal dildos into the anus as they may get lost inside. Anal dildos usually come with an “O-ring” or flared base at the end that keep the dildo in place when it is inserted into the anus.

Choose the right material

This is one of the most important toys when you are going to buy any adult toy, including anal toy. These toys will be getting inside one of the most delicate parts of the body and hence you need to be really careful here. You certainly don’t want your partner or your friend to end up with anal infection just because of a silly anal toy.

For those uninitiated, you will find the anal toys in a versatile range of materials. From glass to silicone to jelly to rubber- the options are actually endless. But then, not all materials would be suitable for use especially when you are looking for a long-term usage. The safest of all materials is probably silicone. Try to look for a toy which is made from medical-grade silicone. Other safe materials to choose from are metal, hard plastic and glass. Look for the ones that are non-porous as they don’t harbor germs. On the other hand, stay away from porous materials which are germ-prone and may leave the user with serious infection.

Phthalates-free toys

This is another crucial point to remember while you are out shopping for anal toys.

Always make sure to buy toys that are devoid of phthalates. Phthalates is a harmful chemical which badly impacts reproductive system. It’s usually applied on plastic sex toys to soften them and it leaves them porous. So, always check the ingredients list of an anal toy before buying it. If the toy is free of phthalates, it will be clearly mentioned in the package.

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Realistic feel

It’s always nice to use anal toys that come with a realistic feel. Silicone is a great material here, thanks to its skin-like supple texture. Besides, silicone is temperature-tolerant and hence one can always use silicone toys for a stimulating temperature play.

Look for discounts

You should not ever settle with cheaply-priced anal toys just to save money. If things seem to be costly for you, you may look for discounts. The adult toy industry runs discounts at various times of the year. One of the best times to grab discounts in anal toys is during the holiday weekends. You may even find discounts a few days ahead of the holiday season. The tip is to start looking for discounts from the last quarter of November or early part of December. Besides, the Valentine’s Day week also come with amazing discounts on the adult toys.

Mind the size

The size of an anal toy plays a crucial role in determining the level of satisfaction of the user. For example, if you are buying an anal dildo for a beginner, a 7” dildo would be really painful for her.  On the other hand, seasoned users won’t be happy with a tiny 5” toy. So, mind the experience level of the user while buying an anal toy for him or her. If you are shopping for a first-time user, the size of the toy must not be bigger than a tampon.

Finally, always get a thorough market study on various adult toy stores to choose the best anal toy.